Calipar SRL | Hardwood Quebracho Charcoal from Paraguay - Handmade White Quebracho Charcoal by german family business in PARAGUAY; best for Restaurants, BBQ and Shisha.

Pure White Quebracho Charcoal

Best Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Handmade by german family business in PARAGUAY -Why you should try it


No coals, fillers or chemicals unlike briquettes

Easy Lighting

Starts in half the time of briquettes

Burns hotter & longer

Made from the hardest wood, also known as “axe breaker”

It’s healthier

No smoke and no sparks!

Calipar SRL

MANUFACTURING Hardwood Lump Charcoal for Restaurants, Hookah and Retail
We’re obsessed with quality and purity of our charcoal

Our production kilns and packing plants are located in the upper region of Paraguay, called Chaco. Having a production capacity of 1.500 Ton a month using the famous White Quebracho Wood, we do not buy charcoal locally from other producers, as it dramatically lowers the quality of the charcoaol. Sadly this is a common tactic of the famous brands in our country.

Using trees responsibly, in our entire production cycle not a single tree is harvested for making charcoal, all our hardwood lump is taken from forest leftovers. Producing only on farms that have the approval from the environmental protection agencies in Paraguay, called SEAM and INFONA. Meaning that all the charcoal you get from our company is legally produced and exported.

Clients in different countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Israel, Chile, USA, England etc have already taken advantage of our "Made by germans" quality quebracho lump charcoal and know that we take business very seriously delivering what we promise.

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